Charity Efforts

How does ANZA raise funds for charity?

The primary charity fundraising event for ANZA is the ANZA Melbourne Cup Charity Brunch which is hosted in November each year.

In addition to the Melbourne Cup ANZA hosts a number of smaller activities and events to raise money for charity throughout the year.

What is the main charity supported by ANZA?

Since 2012, ANZA has focussed charity efforts on the charity STOP.

What is STOP?

STOP stands for Stop Trafficking and Oppression of Women and Children.

The vision of STOP is the complete eradication of human trafficking through political, social and economic empowerment of women and children.

Specifically STOP focuses on:

Prevention of trafficking
Rescue & Repatriation of trafficked women and children
Prosecution of traffickers

The STOP movement is spearheaded by Dr Roma Debrabrata (and the underlying Ramola Bhar Charitable Trust) but works with a vast network of grassroots organisations to combat trafficking of women and children across India and the SAARC Region.

STOP is recognized by the United Nations as one of the most effective organisations focused on the prevention of trafficking, rescue & repatriation of victims and prosecution of traffickers.

More information about the STOP movement and can be found on our website

How were charity funds spent from the last Melbourne Cup?

Funds from the 2015 ANZA Melbourne Cup Charity Brunch were used to:

·         Provide support for STOP to continue their operations to prevent human trafficking (;

·         Sponsor 10 children from Bagiya school in Gurgaon for three years of schooling including funding transport, text books and uniforms (;

·         Continue ANZA’s tradition of purchasing school uniforms for children attending the school run by the Baas Educational Trust (, and;

·         Purchase textbooks for over 100 children attending school run by Vidya & Child in Noida (

ANZA Committee Members work to ensure all funds are effectively and sustainably spent.

Do you have an idea for a Charity event?

ANZA is always looking for new ideas for charity events.  If you have an idea you would like to share please email us at

Any problems contact the webmaster.